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    Neutral density filters are made from absorptive glass. This results in a lower cost product that is somewhat less fragile compared to coated metallic ND filters. It decreases intensity of light without altering the relative spectral distribution of the energy. Absorptive ND filters also reflect far less light toward the source compared with metallic ND Filters, which may be beneficial. Nevertheless stacking a large number of ND filters can still result in excessive undesired reflection due to Fresnel surface reflection. Due to the absorptive nature of the filter glass, use with high power lasers should be avoided. We can offer the custom transmittance, dimensions and shapes. Please contact us for your need.


    Material Neutral Density Glass
    Size 3-100mm
    Optical Density 0.04-4
    Optical Density Tolerance ±4% at 546.1 nm
    Wavelength Range 400-900nm
    Angle of Incidence
    Wedge ≤3 arc min
    Transmission 91.2 % at 546.1 nm
    Size Tolerance ±0.1 mm
    Surface Flatness ≤2λ at 632.8 nm over the clear aperture
    Surface Quality 60-40 scratch-dig
    Clear Aperture ≥central 90%
    Thickness 1-4 mm


    The Type of the Neutral Density Filters

    Sherlan Optics Schott Hoya Russia Other
    NS00 NG1 ND-0 HC12 ZAB00
    NS02 NG9 ND-03 HC11 ZAB02
    NS2 NG3   HC10 ZAB2
    NS5     HC3 ZAB5
    NS10 NG4 ND-13 HC9 ZAB10
    NS25 NG5 ND-25 HC8 ZAB25
    NS30     HC2 ZAB30
    NS50 NG11 ND-50 HC7 ZAB50
    NS65     HC1 ZAB65
    NS70 NG11 ND-70 HC6 ZAB70

    The Curve of the Filters

    Absorptive Neutral Density Filter

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