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Sherlan Optics is a leading global manufacturer of optics and optical components.  We supply kinds of multi-elements lenses, Ball Lens, lens coating, Optical Filters and Optical Mirrors to customers in the field of optics, lasers, microelectronics, semiconductor equipment, fiber optics and industrial manufacturing markets. All precesion products are processed with strictly inspection control guidelines in order to guarantee the quality.

Sherlan optics specializes in Spherical components, Flats, Windows, Mirrors, Optical filters and Prisms from the UV to the IR.

Sherlan optics is capablity in the following key fields:

  •  High precision optical spherical Lenses
  •  Ball lenses and hemispherical Ball lenses
  •  Fiber Collimators
  •  Optical Mirrors
  •  Windows
  •  Optical Color Glass filter
  •  Dichroic Filters
  •  Prisms
  •  Optomechanics

Our global technical support staff is ready to assist with your custom optical components needs. We look forward to discussing with you how Sherlan Optics can help you meet your research or custom needs.

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