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Custom Optical Components

8月 28, 2020


Sherlan optics is able to custom optical components and can meet the requirements of your unique project.

We accomplish this by carefully listening to your specifications, providing attention to every detail and delivering a custom optical window that meets or exceeds your expectations. Whether you require a single prototype, production quantities or anything in between, our extensive stock of on-site raw materials allows us to meet your requirements for fast delivery with competitive prices.

Our optical customization capabilities allow us to:

  • Drill holes.
  • Produce beveled substrates.
  • Fabricate custom sizes and shapes.
  • Design and supply custom coatings
  • Modify and resurface customer supplied substrates
  • Precision polish up to λ/20 and hold parallelism of < 2 arc seconds.

We’d like to hear about your unique project. Start a conversation with us today!


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