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Single Point Diamond Turning

7月 15, 2020

Single point diamond turning is a manufacturing technique for producing precision optical components including off-axis parabolic (OAP) mirrors, off-axis elliptical (OAE) mirrors, spherical and aspheric lenses, and flatwork. Sherlan Opics offers build-to-print or custom capabilities to meet your specific application needs and diamond turns components out of metals, crystalline materials, and plastics. Whether standard or custom, our expert optical design and diamond turning staff can develop customized solutions incorporating custom sizes and shapes, a variety of metal mirror coatings, or other modifications.
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Diamond Turning Capabilities

Commercial Precision High Precision
Reflected Wavefront Error (P – V @ 632nm) λ λ/2 λ/8
Surface Quality 80-50 60-40 40-20

Surface Roughness (RMS) Metals*

150Å 100Å <30Å


 Diamond Turning Specifications
Geometries Off-Axis Parabolas, Off-Axis Ellipses, Spherical Surfaces, Aspheric Surfaces,
Angles 0 – 90°
Diameter (Off-Axis):
Diameter (On-Axis):
2 – 254mm
8 – 254mm
Coatings Uncoated, Protected Aluminum (450 nm – 20 µm), Protected Silver (450 nm – 20 µm), Protected Gold (800 nm – 20 µm) and Bare Gold, Silver and Aluminum. UV Enhanced Aluminum is also available.
Materials Metals (Aluminum, Copper, Brass, and Nickel-Plated Surfaces), Crystalline Materials (Germanium, Silicon, Calcium Fluoride, and Zinc Selenide)
Surface Roughness (RMS): Crystalline Materials and Plastics
Diameter: 1/4″ – 8″ <50Å

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