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We manufacture High Performance Fiber Collimators that are designed to give highly collimated beams with high transmission and low transmitted wavefront error. Our unique multi element design ensures you get a clean Gaussian beams with no diffraction effects at any distance. Our high-performance beam fiber collimators are designed and manufactured with special applications in mind ranging from Lidar, Interferometry, Remote Sensing, to Spectroscopy, Biomedicals, and Sensors.

Our adjustable focus collimators can replace 3 or 4 fixed wavelength collimators. You can optimize collimation to your operating wavelength and lock it down. Besides collimating the beam you can also diverge the beam for illumination or focus the beam to micron size spots at some distance. This is ideal for sensors, chemical and biological threat detection. Our choice of materals minimizes any fluorescence effects caused by other fiber collimators and minimizes some temperature effects. Having excellent optical design minimizes your laser power requirements and gives you much higher signal strength.

We offer various aperture sizes from 1.6mm to 100mm to generate various beam sizes. All collimators have an FC or FC/APC receptacle as standard with SMA as an option. The smaller collimators have fine 80 pitch threads for fine focus/collimation adjustment. The larger collimators have focus adjustment with no rotation. Four wavelength regions cover the spectrum from 350nm to 2300nm. All optics have a broadband AR coating.


  • 350nm to 2300nm
  • Low wavefront error
  • No epoxy in the optical path
  • Adjustable focus/ collimation
  • Adjust for endcaps
  • Tune to your wavelength
  • Receptacle or pigtailed

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