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7月 1, 2020

Sherlan Optics is a leading manufacturer of optical components in the China as well as military and defense optics. From prototypes to high volume production, Sherlan Optics is able to  manufacture custom optics to meet all your requirements.

Our diverse production shop and highly-trained staff allows us to manufacture an extensive catalog of over 2,000 optical components. By maintaining a large inventory of raw materials, we can quickly and efficiently produce our own blanks. This helps cut down on lead time, so you receive your order in a shorter amount of time, as compared to our competitors.

We also have the ability to manufacture custom precision optics. We own a variety of CNC machines, on-site double-sided lapping and polishing, and our own coating lab that offers anti-reflective, dielectric max reflector, and metallic reflector coatings. By investing in the latest technology, we can easily meet all of your needs.

At Sherlan Optics, we focus on manufacturing the best products at low prices, with short deliveries. Here are some of the optic specs we currently offer.

  • Aspherical Lenses:

Surface Quality: 20-10, scratch-dig

Center Thickness Tolerance: +/- 0.05mm

Maximum Diameter: 120mm

Minimum Diameter: 2mm

  • Color Filter Glass:

Maximum Length/Width/Diameter: 200mm

Minimum Length/Width/Diameter: 2mm

Dimensional Tolerance: +/-0.05mm

Surface Quality: 10-5

  • Cylindrical Lenses:

Surface Quality: 20-10, scratch-dig

Thickness Tolerance: +/- .05mm

Maximum Diameter: 200mm

Minimum Diameter: 2mm

  • Neutral Density Filters:

Size: 100mm X 100mm

Dimensional Tolerance: +/- 0.25mm

Density Tolerance: +/- 4% at 550nm

Surface Quality: 10-5

  • Plano Windows & Mirrors:

Flatness: 1/20th wave

Surface Quality: 10-5 or better

Parallelism: 5 arc sec

Thickness: +/- 0.0002″

Minimum Thickness: 0.004

Maximum Diameter: 16″

Minimum Diameter: 3mm

  • Prisms & Wedges:

Flatness: 1/20th wave

Surface Quality: 10/5

Angular Accuracy: 1 arc min

Maximum size: 6″

Minimum size: 3mm

  • Spherical Lenses & Mirrors:

Sphericity: 1/10th wave, 1/20th wave

Radius: +/- .001″

Surface Quality: 20/10

Centering: 30 arc sec

Maximum Diameter: 16″

Minimum Diameter: 4mm

  • Substrates:

Thin substrate polishing to 0.004″ thick, tolerances to +/- 0.0001″

  • Size Ranges:

Components available from 1/8″ (3mm) to 16″

For more information, please contact us directly and we will answer any questions you may have or generate an order for you.


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